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About us

The Quebec population is currently subjected to extreme containment measures since the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, causing unprecedented social isolation.

This isolation is amplified among hospitalized patients, as no visitors are allowed in hospitals. Patients are forced to fight alone, deprived of the support offered by their family and friends.

Anxiety and distress are real and felt by both patients and their families. The impact of isolation on their mental health and recovery is profound.

We felt compelled to act.


Tous Ensemble: Who are we?

We are a collective of volunteer health professionals who assist hospitals and their foundations with a turnkey technological solution to break patient isolation and reunite families.

How do we help hospitals?

We offer a simple, intuitive, and ready-to-use communication technology solution, as well as an implementation plan developed jointly with the institutions to fit their clinical reality.

From initial contact to implementation: 24 to 48 hours.



Tablets and smartphones are available if necessary

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Devices are preconfigured with 5 ready-to-use communication applications

Tech Support

Technical Support

Real-time support and remote device troubleshooting

Integrative Approach

Integrated Approach

Support for the integration of this technology into your clinical workflow

We're ready!

Do you represent a Quebec hospital? We can help you!

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How to help

Make a donation

Make a difference by making a cash donation through GoFundMe® to purchase equipment to connect isolated patients with their families.

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Become a volunteer or partner

Do you have IT skills in remote application installation and management?

Does your company have the human, technological, or financial resources to help us extend the scope of our project?

We need your help!

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Donation of equipment

At this time, our structure does not allow us to collect single devices from private individuals.

If you have a large number (>50) of modern devices (iOS 11 and later), do not hesitate to contact us.

Apple Devices
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A proven track record

Jewish General Hospital

Based on the success of our pilot project at the Jewish General Hospital, we have since been able to reunite patients with their families at several additional hospitals.

We are live at:

  • HJewish General Hospital
  • Verdun Hospital
  • Notre-Dame Hospital
  • Royal Victoria Hospital
  • Montreal General Hospital
  • Pierre-Boucher Hospital
  • St-Mary's Hospital
  • CHUL
  • Enfant-Jésus Hospital
  • Blessed Sacrament Hospital
  • Saint-François d'Assise Hospital
  • Hôtel-Dieu de Québec
Connected hospitals
Patients helped

Nous ne pouvons exprimer à quel point votre initiative fait la différence pour nos patients. L’impact est énorme. Merci mille fois.

Social Worker,Intensive Care Unit, Jewish General Hospital

It is an amazing show of solidarity and caring for all our patients and families who are suffering terrible isolation during their illness.

Intensive Care Physician, McGill University Health Center (MUHC)

C'est merveilleux, la liste des applications disponibles est beaucoup plus intéressante que celle dont nous disposons actuellement.

Nursing care consultant, Verdun Hospital

Tous Ensemble, it's going to be okay.

Together we applaud the solidarity initiatives aimed at improving the situation of isolated patients! More than ever, mutual aid and cooperation are needed. We are proud to be part of this collective movement.

The team

The three project founders jointly developed the concept, the technological solution, the operations, and manage the project’s expansion from its pilot at the Jewish General Hospital.

Myriam Denault-Bois
As the initiator of the project and the main project manager, she manages partner relations and ensures the vision and delivery of the various aspects of the project.

Myriam is a senior management consultant in healthcare.

Tamara Mijovic
Tamara initiates and develops the relationships with hospitals and ensures successful project implementation tailored to the resources of those institutions. She manages the technological solution.

Tamara is an Otolaryngologist at the MUHC and Verdun Hospital.

Antoine Denis
Antoine recruits and leads the volunteer team who configure our devices and directs the web and social media strategy.

Antoine is a medical student at McGill University.

Our volunteers

We are grateful for the contributions of our epidemiologist David Paterson, Fardad Jabbary and Léa Dancause Lavoie, our volunteer coordinators; Sami Chergui who initiated several contacts with hospitals; and the many others who are helping us!
  • Abdelhakim Khellaf
  • Adam Samet
  • Ahmed Imcaoudene
  • Akram Alakel
  • Alex Poisson
  • Alexandre Poitras
  • Alexandre Genest
  • Amanda Marino
  • Amy lorincz
  • Audrey Denis
  • Avigayil Sorokine
  • Bryan Luu
  • Claude Paradis
  • Élise Girouard-Chantal
  • Dr. Emily Key-Rivest
  • Florence Chevalier
  • Héloïse Schuhmacher
  • Iman Sandri
  • Isabelle Marquis
  • Dr. Lina Benamira
  • Maria Karabatsos-Tsakalaki
  • Marianne Bouvrette
  • Mélanie Leroux
  • Dr. Naif Fnais
  • Pierre Genest
  • Raphaël Plante
  • Sami Chergui
  • Sonia Wu
  • Vithushaa Panchadcharam

In the press


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This initiative is made possible thanks to the generous donation of tablets from:

And to the technological partnership with:

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